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Für Chelsie <3<3 [Oct. 15th, 2006|01:46 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians

[mood |tuwhvwf]

I got my picture up aswell, I sadly don't have a scanner though. :Þ

I'm also rather bad at working with images, so I'm handing in the whole so that You can just work with it in any way you like (might point out that the negative is out of this world! XD )

Moor MoonCollapse )
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Radish :D for Jane [Oct. 14th, 2006|12:11 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians

I didn't realize :x that we could post these early... I was waiting for the Oct. 30th date- but! I had these done weeks ago T_T;; Sorry! I'm slow on the uptake as far as brain-power goes :D;;

Anywho, Radish for Jane :3 here are the icons:

and cut for the large version :3Collapse )

<3 Radish :x he's a sexay man~
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Icon for Dagger-Teh [Oct. 14th, 2006|12:00 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians

Heyyyy, Dagger! Here's your gal, Pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

She came out much more yellow in the scan than she looked like in real life-- feel free to play around with the colors, and please, cut them to where you want them for your icons! Hope you like!

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(no subject) [Oct. 10th, 2006|03:26 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians

Okay, guys, I'll go ahead and lift the limit of two shells per person to 4! Just remember to let me know so I can sign you up for 'em. :)
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2006|03:18 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians

Okay, guys, I'll be starting my weekend tomorrow a day early, so I won't be able to update or anything. The real reason I'm mentioning this is... I'm heading to the beach! I'm normally a shell hog, anyway, so when I'm picking them up tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you guys, now.


Have a good weekend!

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Intro [Sep. 27th, 2006|10:17 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians
Hello everyone. I gues I need to introduce my self. I am Jessica and I am http://kyokocloud.deviantart.com on da. I don't really do much on live journal so you can say I am a little of a noob to it. I need to learn all the little codes and stuff. I love art of course. I do alot of traditional, but I own no scanner so alot of my art is a little rough to say the least. I will draw a clean character sheet real soon. I just need to have more time. I have a fast sketch of mine, but need to work it out more. It is more of an idea. I already know I am going to change alot of it, but I might as well post it. She is a traders daughter(or sister) from the mountains so she does alot of traveling. Since she travels so much she spends her time learning crafts.

Ignore the outfit.

Based off of the Pacific Star Shell. I think I will call her Pacifica Haemot. but I have no idea.
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2006|03:44 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians

Emails have been sent out!
Just remember to do your best, have fun, and if you have any questions, let me know and I'll get them answered as quickly as possible.

PS--do you guys think we're commenting on each other's posts enough, or do you think we should make an effort to do more? I'm always nervous about stuff like this! Heehee!

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Phee! [Sep. 27th, 2006|04:52 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians

ArtCollapse )

Based on this shell; Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Festivals [Sep. 25th, 2006|05:39 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians

Here are a few of the Selenthian festivals that are celebrated over the entire continent. They represent only a handful of fete's, but are universally loved and participated in.

Each season starts with a large festival all its own.


--The main festival is the Spring Festival, in which gifts of flowers, baby animals, and seeds are given to loved ones. In places where baby animals aren't exactly the best thing to be given, representations are given in the form of carvings, paintings, etc. Parades are held, men are adorned with flowers and given long, intricately adorned staffs to bear in the streets, (as it is a fertility ceremony), and both sexes participate in highly ritualistic (but enjoyable) dances.

smaller holidays
~The Lover's Day: much like our own Valentine's day, but with less commercialization. Helara is honored on this day.
~Children's Day: the day on which children are given toys and are kept from school, chores, and punishment.

--The Summer Celebration. The main festival lasts an entire week, and is one of music, dancing, and alcohol consumption. Intended marriages are announced during this time, plays are performed in the streets, and both Duadrielle and Duad are honored with 'sacrifices' of animals made of various foods. Athletic contests are also held, including footraces, boxing, archery, fishing, and wrestling. Males and females participate equally, and often against each other.

smaller holidays
~Lantern Festival: On this night, toward the end of summer when the fireflies dot the air, families float lit paper lanterns down rivers and streams, or in places such as the Desert, they're placed in windows and doorways. These are remembrances of loved ones who have passed on. Lantern cakes, very sweet and thick, are left out for the dead.

--Harvest Festival: Bonfires are lit and sung around, grains and harvested crops are offered up to the gods. Children are given poppets to keep the bad spirits away. This is a rather subdued celebration, as it recognizes the world falling into darkness.

smaller holidays
~~Night of the Stories: Mid-season, the old pass down oral tradition to the youngsters.
~~Night of Silence: Last night of Autumn. No one knows how this holiday originated, nor what its original meaning was, but it is still celebrated by many Selenthians. On this night, unmarried Selenthians of adult ages from 26-50 sometimes participate in the Silence Walk, where they go from door to door, tent to tent, etc, with their faces painted completely black. Not all decide to participate, and those who do are chosen from several volunteers by their town's council. They wear heavy furs, and beg food and drink from each family on their routes without a single word, and then act out a 'hunt' for the main Silence Walker who leads their group. The hunt takes place in one of their local temples or holy places dedicated to Trell. One cannot Silence Walk two years in a row.

(To be continued)
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Wee challenge accepted.... [Sep. 24th, 2006|08:39 pm]
The Far Realm--Home of the Selenthians

[mood |bouncybouncy]

So in the earlier entries of this community, Kat issued a "wee challenge" to any of us who wished to accept. She wanted us to draw Selenthian wildlife. Well here's one addition. I chose to draw a Theriya, since they're so prominent in her descriptions, and because one of my Selenthians owns one as her faithful steed. So here he is, clad in his armored glory. Galax, the armored Theriya war mount!

I linked the picture in a comment on the earlier post, but Kat said I should put it up since no one would see it there lol. So here he is. Enjoy =D

P.S. Don't mind the messy, dirty-ish, splotchy sketch. I'll eventually clean it up, ink it, and perhaps even colour it one day lol.

Here's some more creatures that I used for another project that no longer exists. Perhaps you'd like to use them in the Selenthian World:

Rajiim -A feline species that dwells mostly in the desert region. They're very rarely seen as they're a very mysterious and are rumored to have magical properties, although mostly those are just old wive's tales. They do have the same ability as chameleons where they can blend in with their surroundings. Because they're so hard to find, let alone catch, the Ra-iins (name given to the little offspring) sell for exorberant amounts of money for those rich enough to afford one as a domestic pet. The Ra-iins are around the same size as a regular kitten, and usually come in litters of 3 to 4. As adults, they're about the size of our Ocelots, the males being a little bigger and the females being a little smaller.

Morrar- Much like sheep or cattle, Morrars are a common livestock animal used for its very soft mane and fur, tanned leather from it's hide, designer jewelry crafted from their horns (which grow back over a long period of time), or it's delicious meat which is used in a lot of Selenthian dishes. The male is pictured above (it's still very young though), shorter fur with a more greenish tint is very common. Black, darker shades of green, and dark brown are also common. The females have longer, shaggier fur that comes in different shades of light brown with similar fur patterns. Their horns are usually black or white (white being rare), and are harvested every so often to create many types of jewelry. Their hooves always match the colour of the horns. They range in size equivalency to our cows or bulls, the males being much bigger with lots of muscle and meat, the females on the smaller side and usually more plump. The males are used as work animals for plowing and pulling heavy carts, but most are bred for their hides and meat. Females are smaller and are treated much like sheep and are sheered to create very soft thread and cloth used in clothing. Usually only the males are killed for food, as it's considered bad luck to kill a female that can still bare offspring.

Teshi- Teshi are sprite little mouse-like creatures that are found EVERYWHERE in the the Selenthian world. They're very small, able to fit into the palm of your hand. Their colour patterns are usually determined by where they're found. (The one above probably lives in the coastal regions among exotic firey flowers or something...yessss...). They're most likely seen as pests much like raccoons are. They're crafty and often get into everything if they can manage to get into your house. Although they're often caught and kept as pets by Selenthian children. Most Selenthians would mind if they're were all exterminated though. In Selenthian faerie tales, Teshi are said to have been a form that Sfeyt would take to play tricks on bad little children to teach them lessons.

Terrine- A wolf like creature that's found in heavily forested areas. They're an ancient race of beast that once inhabited the entire continent, but now they're very reclusive and are rarely seen. They have 3 sets of bright yellow eyes and three tails. They have wings and usually hunt flying prey, but their offspring often eat Teshi until they can hunt on their own. They live in groups of 3 to 6, often in dens made from thick bushes or in the cover of branches of a large tree. They're nocturnal and it is said if you see one during the day, it will bring you good luck in your hunt or journey. They're very majestic creatures and appear in Selenthian myths as messengers from the gods. They're never owned as pets and cannot be domesticated or tamed. Usually very peaceful creatures, they will rarely attack a Selenthian, but if provoked, can be viscious killers.

Skrat- Bat-like creatures that mostly found in the caves of the Mountain and Steppes region. But often their are other packs of them that congragate in old ruins. They do sleep upside down, but usually hang by their tails. They're nocturnal creatures that hunt by night, eating small insects (as they're no bigger than our little North American brown bats). They can be made into pets, and Skrittens (*lol* I couldn't resist) are often given to little Mountain children as presents during the Spring Festival. They're very lovable creatures, but not for everyone. They come in many colours, usually reddish browns, black, shades of grey, and every once in awhile an albino one can be found. Their eyes range the span of the rainbow, although yellow is most common. In Myths and faerie tales, Skrats were spies for Trell and would help her search out evildoers, which is why parents give them to their children, to bring them protection from evil.

(I'll add more later. I have a ton of little doodles of crazy creatures in my portfolios, though I may update quite a few of these pictures later, as a lot of them are year upon years old lol. I also added more history and description to help tie them into the Selenthian world a little better =D )
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